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Argan Oil – Liquid Gold

Image of Argan Oil miracle shampoo and conditioner

Also known as the miraculous argan oil which comes from a small region of southwest Morocco known as the Souss Plains.

Argan Oil comes, as you would expect, from the Argan Tree, often termed by local tribesmen as the “Tree of Life” – and with good reason.

Argan oil is fast becoming known as one of the most sought after beauty products around, mainly because it is 100% natural and is a rich source of omega 6, essential fatty acids and Vitamin E.

The combination of these nutrients means that it has incredible moisturising and skin nourishing qualities; and that is good news for us ladies who use it for its anti-ageing and healing properties.

If you haven’t yet tried argan oil, you are missing out on one of the best ways to fight those tell tale signs of ageing.

Argan oil is not only used in skin products; it is also the secret ingredient used in many hair care ranges today. Moroccan women’s hair has long been the envy of the Western world and now you can learn their secret.

Argan oil used in hair preparations will help strengthen and condition dull, dry and damaged hair, bringing it back to life and leaving it looking shiny and healthy. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue so your hair will feel light and full of volume.

Argan oil really does work so try it to believe it!!

For those of us (un)lucky enough to remember the 1980’s first hand, Liquid Gold now no longer means that ‘one hit wonder’ pop group who danced themselves dizzy, it now means an invaluable source of nourishing hair and beauty products to rejuvenate even the dullest skin and hair.

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