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Choosing the right Hair System Adhesive

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Choosing the right Hair System adhesive can be confusing. Holistique is here to help.

Selecting a hair system adhesive best suited for your needs may seem easy, but with all of the options available you could find yourself overwhelmed and confused.

Your choice of adhesive should be based on your lifestyle, climate and scalp sensitivity.

Firstly consider how long you will wear your hair system, what sort of climate you live in; humid, dry, hot or cold? What sort of lifestyle you have, do you swim, go to the gym, sit under air conditioning all day? Do you sweat or have a sensitive scalp? Once you have the answers to these questions you will be on your way to working out which adhesive is best for you.

Water based or Solvent based?
Traditionally, hair system adhesives are solvent-based, much like other types of glue. This technology has been around for a while and some excellent products Ultra Hold, Mity-Tite, For Women Only exist that will ensure a tight hold for extended wear. These types of hair system adhesives require the use of specialised preparation solutions (Scalp Protectors) before application and solvents for removal C22; S3 Sensitive Skin; Lace Release; Ghost Buster, Ultra Safe.

Despite the advanced application and removal products available, those with very sensitive skin or conditions like eczema or psoriasis may still experience dryness and irritation. Some people even have mild allergic reactions to the chemicals used in these products, which can impact the length of time they can wear their hair system with comfort.

Fortunately, these concerns have led to the development of excellent water-based hair system adhesives Safe Grip; Ghost Bond and Great White that are much gentler on the skin and offer many additional benefits. Water-based adhesives are generally easier to apply and remove and some offer a level of hold for periods of time comparable to solvent-based adhesives. They often require less preparation and can be removed with soap and water. This is ideal for those with extra-sensitive skin who want to reduce the amount of products they use on their scalps. A water-based adhesive will go on clear and is not stringy like the traditional solvent-based alternative, which makes for an attractive appearance that requires very little touch up.

However, even the strongest water-based adhesive will not last as long as a solvent-based. If you do not have sensitive skin or allergies and you need to wear your hair system for more than two months, the solvent-based adhesives could be a better choice.

Each hair system adhesive responds to weather and certain climates differently, so bear in mind your lifestyle to best understand the kind of adhesive that you need for optimum results. For example, swimmers and athletes may require a waterproof adhesive, as moisture may compromise the integrity of the hair system hold. Sun and humidity not only do damage to the hair system but also may affect the adhesive. Bacteria can be a major issue for hair system wearers, especially in high humidity and the scalp becomes sweaty. Look for adhesives with an anti-microbial formulation that will ensure you feel cool and comfortable, and consider scalp preparation products Scalp Scrub; No Sweat to help combat any bacterial issues.

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