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Hair today – gone tomorrow

Hair today – gone tomorrow
06/08/2014 Lesley Porter

We often hear of a woman’s hair being described as her “crowning glory” and there is no doubt that a glorious head of hair can transform a woman – not only in terms of her looks, but her whole persona.

There is so much about a woman’s confidence that is bound up in her hair (no pun intended!) but if your hair looks good, you feel good.

Ever had a bad hair day? We have all been there. You get up in the morning and no amount of teasing, blowing, straightening, styling, moussing and gelling will make your hair look good. Imagine then, waking up every day of your life with a bad hair day. That is the prospect facing many tens of thousands of women in the UK; those women who suffer from alopecia or genetic hair thinning or who simply have very fine hair. For these women, not only do they feel the loss of their hair, they also a feel a loss of confidence, of attractiveness, of worthiness. Hardly seems fair does it?

I know first hand what this feels like. For the last 25 years I have been fighting a losing battle with genetically thinning hair (also known as androgentic alopecia). I could have gone on battling against the inevitable (or blaming my mother, or grandmother – it is genetic after all, right?) but finally I decided enough was enough. Having tried every type of hair treatment known to woman – transplants, extensions, integration systems, wigs, pills, lotions, sprays, hanging upside down like a bat to get more blood to the scalp (oh yes, I have tried it all!) – I finally found the solution that is right for me. Five years ago I found a hair replacement system that gives me amazing hair every day. It has changed my life dramatically – no more staring in the mirror every morning in despair. Now I spend the obligatory 10 minutes perfecting my already perfect hair (I am a woman after all!) and then voila, a quick flick of my gorgeous mane and I head off into my day, not only looking good but feeling good too!

I know that a hair replacement system may not be the solution to every woman’s hair loss problem but for me, it worked. It really did. If you are one of the many thousands of women out there needing practical hair help then I am ready, willing and able to help and advise you.

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