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How to protect your hair in the sun

protect your hair in the sun

May is the gateway to Summer and we can all now look forward to some lazy, hazy days basking in the rays of the sun until the Indian summer in September finally takes a bow and ushers in the autumnal rain. Sounds idyllic. Sadly the Great British Summer rarely lives up to our expectations and so we will inevitably pack our suitcases for a couple of weeks and head off to some guaranteed sunshine abroad. We all know that the sun’s rays can damage skin but don’t forget it will also damage your hair.

So exactly how do you protect your hair in the sun?

If your hair has prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays can damage the hair cuticle resulting in discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning and frizziness. If the sun can do this to a healthy head of hair, think how much damage it can do if you wear a hair system or wig. We know that one of the biggest problems in keeping a hair system looking natural is lack of moisture. Prolonged sun exposure will only exacerbate the dryness in your hair system and so it is vital to continually add moisture into the hair whilst on holiday. To make matters worse, chlorinated water in swimming pools or using hot straightening irons or rollers can make your hair more vulnerable to the summer stresses of heat and sun.

Don’t panic though, help is at hand from Nearly Natural, the makers of a vast range of products to keep your hair system looking and feeling moisturised in any weather conditions.

One of the best products for use in the sun is the Nearly Natural Moisture Mist with Sun Filter. This little diamond of a product is an aloe and hydrolysed silk leave in conditioner that increases flexibility of the hair to decrease damage during styling; it can also be used in between shampoos to re-vamp your hair system quickly. It is a great product if you use hair straighteners as it prevents that dried out look.

The perfect companion to the Moisture Mist is the Argan Oil Hydrating Serum which repairs, nourishes and protects your hair system for astounding smoothness and shine.The deep penetrating Moroccan argan oil will be deeply absorbed into your hair producing incredible shine and smooth as silk feeling so you can expect long lasting conditioning results.

Another ‘must have’ product is the Nearly Natural Sheen Pre Thermal Moisture Mist which replenishes the natural oils back into the hair and provides protection when exposed to heat from hair dryers, hair straighteners or the sun. It smells great too!!

So when you start packing for your holiday don’t forget to take sun protection for your hair; that way your hair will come back from it’s summer break looking as healthy and relaxed as you and your skin.

If you want to find out more about the Nearly Natural range of products visit our website.

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