Walker Tape Scalp Protector Thick Dab On – 1.4 fl oz

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Walker Tape Scalp Protector Thick is a great new product for protecting sensitive skin against irritation from hair system tapes and adhesives.

It has the same properties as the ever popular scalp protector from Walker Tape but this one is thicker and longer lasting making it great for extended wear users for up to 2 weeks.

It forms a protective layer on the skin and improves adhesion in hot and humid weather; for oily skin; and use during swimming and sports.

How to use Walker Scalp Protector THICK:

1. Clean the scalp area using 99% alcohol.

2. Apply the Walker Scalp Protector THICK and allow to dry until it is not tacky to the touch.

3. Do not use on severely irritated skin.



Walker Scalp Protector THICK Ingredients

Isopropyl Alcohol, Methacrylate Film Former, Dimethyl Phthalate.

Walker Scalp Protector THICK Tech Specs

Applicator Dab On
Bottle Size 1.4oz (41ml)
Shelf Size (Dimensions) 4″x1″
Type of Use Scalp Protection

Walker’s new THICK formula is a scalp protector that’s tough to keep a lasting hair system bond when you’ve got oily skin. It’s even tougher if you live or work in a hot, humid environment, or have an active lifestyle. With Walker’s THICK your bond will stay strong no matter how sweaty you get, whatever kind of skin you have.

Walker Scalp Protector Thick does even more than improve your bond, it also forms a barrier to protect your skin from harsh tapes and glues.

Walker Scalp Protector Thick’s convenient 1.4 oz dab-on bottle makes it easy to apply exactly where you want it.

Manufacturer: Walker Tape – The leader in Hair Replacement Supplies

Additional information

Weight 90 g



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