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Hair loss Trick or Treat

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Halloween is upon us again, the traditional time for children to trick or treat. Soon your relaxing evening in front of the TV will be rudely interrupted by a swarm of ghouls, witches and goblins demanding sweets and treats with menaces… Halloween is traditionally a time when we remember all things scary and for some of us nothing is scarier than the thought of how to deal with hair loss. 

If you find yourself facing hair loss, what do you do?

Many will try every trick in the book to try to disguise hair loss, and certainly there is a myriad of options available on the market. Undoubtedly these solutions can prove to be very helpful. Millions of hair loss sufferers are currently using a variety of internal and external hair loss treatments such as Propecia and Minoxidil. Other solutions such as topical anti-androgens and hair thickening sprays also prove to be beneficial. Trying one or some or a combination of these products can feel very reassuring, giving you a feeling that you are doing everything possible to try to disguise your hair loss. Some find that having tried any or all of the applications, nothing helps. What do you do then? The ultimate trick is to cover up hair loss by wearing a hair system, and unquestionably the quality of many wigs and systems currently available prove to be a godsend to many balding beauties out there.

What then if you want to treat the baldness instead? Sadly there is no ‘over the counter’ treatment that is going to regrow hair once it is gone. If there were, no-one would be bald. Although topical treatments can slow down hair loss, they will not cure baldness. Hair restoration treatments such as transplanting or grafting have proven to be extremely effective and can restore a full head of hair in many cases. Consulting a trichologist can assist in diagnosing what type of hair loss you have and to find the best possible treatment for you.

Whether you decide to trick or treat, the most important thing to remember is that hair loss is not the scariest thing that can happen in your life. Some find it both mentally and physically uplifting just to bare all and live happily with their hair loss. However you decide to deal with your hair loss, make sure you make the choice that is best for you; after all those that matter, don’t mind and those that mind, don’t matter.

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