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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

News Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Friday 20 March 2020

We will continue normal business hours and will endeavour to maintain good stock levels and deliver orders on time, but please be aware that some delays may occur over the coming weeks.

Holistique are a small online only store, with minimal contact except postal services and stock deliveries, rest assured we are following all recommended guidelines.

Thank you and stay safe. Lesley

FAQ: Can customers catch coronavirus from the mail?
Public Health England has advised that there is no perceived increase in risk of contracting the new coronavirus for handling post or freight from specified areas. From experience with other coronaviruses, Royal Mail know these types of viruses don’t survive long on objects, such as letters or parcels. Find up-to-date information on the Royal Mail website.

FAQ: Coronavirus: changes to Royal Mail Delivery service (Last updated 19 March 2020)

For health information and advice, read pages on coronavirus. Learn about the government response to coronavirus on GOV.UK.

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How Walker products react in weather or temperature changes

How Walker Products React in Weather or Temperature Changes

Whether it’s hot or cold where you are, you need amazing hold times and performance from the products that you choose to use on yourself or on clients.

This Walker Tape product line up, supplied by Walker, can look different depending on what temperatures are in your area, so let’s focus on breaking down the formulas that are best for different environments.

Adhesive Bases

walker tape great white adhesive product imageFirst, let’s talk silicone, water and acrylic based adhesives. They’re all great options, but specifically shine during different times of the year.

Silicone and water based can be easier to clean up and will work well in winter weather. They generally provide a bit more of a gentle hold than acrylic bases. This is important because when temperatures drop, tapes become more rigid and acrylic adhesives can sometimes be too harsh for dry skin.

Acrylic can also be hard to clean, but can be a good option for high heat during the summer. They also hold up well while your client is sweating and won’t turn white during the warmer weather.

Freezing Winters

As far as cold weather goes, it’s generally a better time of year for hair systems. For the most part, you or your clients should get more wear time from their unit installs and their hair system should last a bit longer. This is because there’s less wear and tear from sweating and outdoor activities.

If you or your clients are curious about different system base options, it might be a good time to try a poly unit. The colder months can be a great time to give these a chance because some people think they’re a bit too warm to wear during the summer.

Cold Weather Care

Walker adhesive bonding technology. Extreme Hold Silicone based glue for wigs and hair replacement systems 41ml size.The Walker products that we recommend for winter alternative hair wearing are Great White and Extreme Hold. Great White is a water based adhesive and Extreme Hold has a silicone base. Just like in the summer heat, leave-in conditioner is still a key product. It’ll help keep static at bay by giving the hair the moisture it needs. Walker Leave-In Conditioner can also help detangle your client’s hair system if it gets wet.

Protect your or hair system as temperatures drop. Wearing a beanie or felt hat can be a great way to shield hair. Hats can also be an easy way to keep the hair dry from any stray rain or snow.

Now we’ve laid out the best products for whatever the weather is throwing at you, let us know which products you and your clients are loving! If you have any questions, contact us! We’re here to help you with any questions that may come up while using Walker Tape products.

Summer Heat

Image of Walker Tape Ultra Hold Hair Adhesive 1.4fl oz maximum hold glue for Wigs and Hair SystemsWhile summer is such an amazing and active time of year, the general weathering it can cause on a hair unit can be a drag. Sweating, showering more often, and swimming in the ocean and pools can really run a system through the ringer.

If you or your clients are concerned about hold during the summer, we recommend reaching for Max Hold Sport and Ultra Hold. This combo is amazing for maintaining a strong hold through hot and sticky conditions because of Ultra Hold’s acrylic base.

Prevent Color Changes from Sun Exposure

Image of Walker Tape Leave-in ConditionerAnother factor to consider is “hair oxidation”. This is a change in the color of the hair system. If this is a new concept for you, think of how dark hair generally lightens in the summer and blonde hair can turn green due to too much swimming.

This oxidation is caused by prolonged exposure to UV light, chemicals, and hair products. These various factors can cause the hair to slowly lighten or make existing red undertones become more prevalent and noticeable.

The best way to help prevent this is by keeping up on the proper maintenance. Using sun protection by wearing a hat or by using hair products that contain an SPF.

Another easy way is to keep the unit looking pristine is to make sure that you (and your clients at home) are using the right hair products. This includes a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Keep in mind that conditioning the hair system is super important. This step will help keep the hair soft and pliable, while also preventing oxidation.

How Walker Tape Products React in Weather or Temperature Changes Info graphic

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Walker Tape Signature – the next level of hair replacement products

NEW Walker Tape Signature Hair System Range image

Walker Tape has taken their best products and used the latest technology to make them even better. The lineup includes Signature Adhesive, Signature Tape and Signature Remover.

Signature Adhesive

Walker Tapes Signature Adhesive is the strongest liquid adhesive Walker Tape has ever created, even stronger than Ultra Hold.

Walker Tape Signature Hair System AdhesiveWalker Tape started with their Ultra Hold Adhesive and used the latest technology to make their Signature Adhesive the strongest Walker Tape offer. It’s a clear acrylic adhesive that is waterproof, great for lace, poly and skin units, and dries clear. This adhesive gives a reliable hold time of 3-5 weeks.

When used correctly, this adhesive will last through extreme conditions (heat, humidity, etc.) with no issues. Walker Tape also designed a new 4 oz squeeze bottle and a precision cap, helping this adhesive apply cleanly and easily.

People will love Signature Adhesive because:

  • It stays strong in all conditions
  • You don’t have to wait as long for the adhesive to become tacky
  • The squeeze bottle makes it so easy to use
  • It’s great for all units

Signature Tape

Walker Tapes Signature Tape is thinner and stronger than any tape on the market. It’s only 6.5 mils thick, compared to the maximum wear tapes previously available on the market at an average of 10-11 mils.

This thin tape gives a reliable 4+ week hold. The combination of the dull finish, flexWalker-Tape-Signature-Hair-System-Tape imageible liner and incredibly thin construction makes this tape comfortable while providing a lifelike appearance.

Because the tape is so thin, it leaves little residue, therefore, cleanup is easy and quick. The Walker Signature Tape is transparent with a white liner and is ideal for lace units.

Available sizes:

Minis Contours: A, AA, B, BB, C, CC Straight Strips: ½”, ¾,” 1” Tape Rolls: ½”x 3 yds, 3/4” x 3 yds, 1” x 3 yds, ½”x 12 yds, 3/4” x 12 yds, 1” x 12 yds

People will love Signature Tape because:

It’s SO thin and comfortable It’s easier to clean up than many maximum wear adhesives It’s invisible under the unit It holds strong through all conditions

Signature Remover

Walker Tapes Signature Remover is a medical grade, organic, citrus-based remover. That’s right, medical grade and organic.

Walker Tape Signature Hair System Adhesive Remover Medical Grade Organic imageThis winning combination makes this solvent incredibly gentle and unique. It’s skin friendly with a pleasant and mild citrus scent.

A quick wash with mild soap and water after unit removal leaves you with a perfectly clean scalp and unit. It comes in an easy to use 4 oz spray bottle.

People will love their signature remover because:

  • It’s incredibly gentle on skin
  • It works very quickly
  • The spray bottle makes it easy to use
  • The smell is fainter than other citrus-based removers
  • It’s easy to wash with soap and water It’s the perfect remover for the signature line products and so many others
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Beautify the new name for HairExtensionTape

Beautify Hair Extension Tape by Walker Tape image

Walker Tape are happy to announce that they’re changing the HairExtensionTape brand name to BEAUTIFY and introducing a whole new look!


Hair Extension Tape began in 2007 after Walker Tape realised that the same technology they were using to create tapes for wigs and hairpieces could be applied to hair extensions.

At that time, tape was a new revolution in the hair extension industry. Because we were among the first to introduce tape to this industry, the name Hair Extension Tape made sense. However, throughout the years as other players have joined in, Walker realised that the name now seems a little generic. Walker tapes are anything but generic, so they decided to re-brand the line and call it something new: Beautify.

Every quarter Walker Tape will be changing the packaging on one product. Beginning on the dates below, the following products will begin to arrive in Beautify packaging:

March 1st: No-Shine; July 1st: Extension Release; October 1st: Duo-Pro

By January 1st, 2020, all Hair Extension Tape products will be under the new Beautify brand. You’ll see the changes in our packaging, on our website, in all of our future catalogs, and anywhere else you’re used to seeing the Hair Extension Tape name.

Rest assured, the products that you know and love will remain the same. You will still receive the same great products with the same names. Only the brand name and packaging will change.

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Hair System Care Shampoo and Conditioning

hair-system-care-wash-shampoo-conditioner image

Hair System Shampoo and Conditioning. Washing and conditioning your hair system is an important part of maintaining natural appearance, read our guide.

Shampoo your hair system properly and safely

Shampooing your hair system is an important part of maintaining a natural appearance. Unfortunately, it can be tough on the system. So here are a few things you can do to protect and maximise the life of your hair system.

Holistique recommends shampooing your hair system only 1-2 times per week

1. Work your way in

After wetting your hair and head, pour the shampoo into your hands first. Then start by lathering the shampoo into your natural hair. Only after you work the shampoo into your natural hair should you move toward and over top of your hair system.

2. Gently does it, pat softly but dont rub

With the shampoo covering your entire hair system try not to rub the shampoo in with your fingers, this could damage the unit. Instead use a gentle patting to spread around the shampoo. This will also help it get through to your scalp.

3. Rinse thoroughly

Once shampooed, rinsing thoroughly is very important. Avoid tangling, by rinsing your entire head from top down with water streaming in the same direction, reduce water strength and guide with your hands to keep all the hair facing the same direction as well.

Tips for using conditioner on your hair system:

  • Condition your hair system everyday
  • Work it into the hair (not your scalp or hair system base)
  • Use a rinse out conditioner while showering
  • Use a leave-in conditioner after showering

Dry and brittle hair can cause static and rapid hair loss from your expensive hair unit, Leave-In Conditioner used daily will condition and revitalise your hair and prevent tangling, without leaving the base of your hair piece oily or damaged.

All Hair System Shampoo and Conditioning products stocked by Holistique can be used on real hair too.

[sf_button colour=”black” type=”standard” size=”large” link=”” target=”_self” icon=”” dropshadow=”no” rounded=”no” extraclass=””]View our hair system shampoo and conditioning products[/sf_button]

Lace front hairline cleanup instructions

A lace front hair system provides a natural, undetectable appearance but it can also be tricky to maintain. Even if you shampoo your hair everyday, airborne dirt and dust can easily stick to the adhesive along the front hairline it is also commonly around the lace area where sweat, oils etc. are highest.

Below are some simple tips for keeping your lace front hairline clean and looking great.


Spray a generous amount 99% Isopropyl Alcohol onto a cotton wool make-up pad.


Gently pull back and hold the hair away from your hairline. Dab on the dampened cotton wool make-up pad, and begin to wipe away dirt or adhesive residues, in a downward direction away from your hair, this will help keep the front edge of your hair system securely attached to your scalp.

Make sure you do this very gently so not to damage your hair system.

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IT’S CHRISTMAS – Keep your hair on!

Image of a woman with a Christmas hat on

Everyone likes to look their best for Christmas, so like me you might have treated yourself to a lovely new hair system.

But how do you keep the hair in your lovely new hair system from falling out and keep it looking it’s best for longer?

Friction and bacteria are a dangerous combination that can wreak havoc on your hair system as together or on their own, they can cause physical trauma to your hair. The good news is you can fight back against this dangerous twosome and by limiting the trauma will help prevent the hair in your system falling out and looking good for longer.

Cut down on Friction: Hair replacement systems are vulnerable to friction because they lack a substance called sebum which is a natural oil secreted by the follicles of your growing hair to lubricate and protect the hair shaft against friction and static.

A major cause of friction comes from sleeping with a pillowcase made from coarse materials. The constant contact with linen leads to hair breakage. Most times, simply using a satin pillowcase will dramatically reduce the level of friction and extend the life of your hair system.

Avoid wearing hats (Christmas or otherwise) or helmets for extended periods of time. This will also help to lengthen the time bonding adhesives stay effective.

Friction is also caused by excess combing and brushing. Using a moisturising product like Nearly Natural Moisture Mist will help reduce friction while youre in front of the mirror styling your hair.

Keep Out Bacteria: Bacteria build up will destroy hair structure and cause it to weaken and break. The knots where the hair is tied into the system are most vulnerable as they tend to hold and retain moisture.

It is better not to use rinse type conditioners that contain hydrolysed proteins like panthenol (pro-vitamin B5). Instead spray on leave in conditioner such as Walker Tape Leave in Conditioner may be a better alternative as it will not collect in the knots of hairs that have been tied in to a hair system base.

However, using a shampoo that contains these hydrolysed proteins is recommended. This is because the hair in your hair system will absorb the proteins during the cleaning process and the excess is more likely to be rinsed away.

Use a Knot Sealer: Everyone knows that styling products are a great way to keep your system looking great, but did you know these products can also weaken the knots in your base over time? Stuff like shaping creams and hair sprays seep into the knot, loosen them and cause the hair to fall out. Using Walker Tape Knot Sealer can slow or even stop hair loss by locking the hair knots to your base with a thin, silicone-based layer of protection. With regular use, a knot sealer could virtually eliminate hair loss in your unit.

You can find all the products you need to keep your hair system looking amazing in our online shop.

Have a peaceful Christmas and we hope to hear from you soon. Were here throughout the festive season and will be dispatching products every day except on official Bank Holidays, so whatever you need to keep your hair system looking and feeling fantastic this Christmas – were here for you!

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Proper Prior Preparation – removing and attaching your hair replacement system

Image of a beautiful blonde woman removing her hair replacement system

There is really only one rule to follow when it comes to removing and attaching your hair replacement system and that is proper prior preparation.

When removing and attaching your hair replacement system, first of all you need to remove your hair system for clean up and re-attachment. You may damage your hair system if you don’t take proper care at the removal stage. Firstly apply an adhesive remover such as Lace Release directly to the scalp where the hair system is attached starting from the back of the unit. Removing back to front is essential to protect the front hairline so peel up from the back and gradually lift forwards. Continue to peel forwards spraying or dabbing with your adhesive remover as you go. Once the hair system is removed you can start to clean your scalp and hair system separately.

Before attaching your hair system you will need to make sure you have completely removed any of the adhesive residue from the lace or poly on the base of your system. Use a good solvent such as C22, Ghost Buster or Ultra Safe by spraying directly onto the base of your hair system and leaving it to penetrate – depending on the level of residue this can be anything from 15 minutes to an hour or even overnight.

Once the solvent has penetrated, start to remove the residue with a paper towel, a microfibre towel, a nail brush or even a spoon, whichever you prefer. It is imperative that once all the adhesive residue has been removed, you remove any of the oily solvent from the base of the hair system. You can do this by using a grease cutting washing up liquid – original Fairy Liquid is a good option.

You are now ready to shampoo and condition your hair system using a properly formulated shampoo and conditioner such as Walker Tape Bond Breaker or Professional Hair Labs Pro Series, making sure you apply the shampoo and conditioner base side up to ensure you do not push the hair back through the system.

Your lifestyle and hair wearing habits will largely dictate which process you use to remove and attach your hair system, but whether you take your system off daily or after several weeks, the key to a successful and long lasting bond is scalp preparation.

Scalp Preparation:

Remove all adhesive residue:
 Use a good solvent such as C22, Ghost Buster, Ultra Safe or the S3 Sensitive Skin Solvent if you have sensitive skin to remove ALL traces of the adhesive residue. You can use a paper towel with the solvent and rub vigorously until your scalp is clear of any residue build up.

Wash the scalp thoroughly:
Shower and wash your hair using an exfoliating Scalp Scrub with a good shampoo. Finish off using a good sulphate free shampoo. Repeat as often as necessary to remove ALL traces of residue.

Dry your head:
 Fully dry your head using a towel and and/or a hair dryer. This would be a good time to shave any hair or stubble from the bonding area. At this point you can also apply a medical grade alcohol to ensure the scalp area is pristine clean.

Apply a water proof sealant:
 Use a scalp protector on the bonding area to protect your skin as well as encouraging adhesion, ensuring the sealant has fully dried before attaching your hair system.

Youll find more helpful advice and tips on which adhesives and tapes to use to attach your hair system here:

The more care you take with your hair system, the longer it will last, the better it will look, and the greater you will feel!
You can buy any of the products you need for all of these procedures from our online hair care shop.

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Choosing the right Hair System Adhesive

Hair System Adhesive selection image

Choosing the right Hair System adhesive can be confusing. Holistique is here to help.

Selecting a hair system adhesive best suited for your needs may seem easy, but with all of the options available you could find yourself overwhelmed and confused.

Your choice of adhesive should be based on your lifestyle, climate and scalp sensitivity.

Firstly consider how long you will wear your hair system, what sort of climate you live in; humid, dry, hot or cold? What sort of lifestyle you have, do you swim, go to the gym, sit under air conditioning all day? Do you sweat or have a sensitive scalp? Once you have the answers to these questions you will be on your way to working out which adhesive is best for you.

Water based or Solvent based?
Traditionally, hair system adhesives are solvent-based, much like other types of glue. This technology has been around for a while and some excellent products Ultra Hold, Mity-Tite, For Women Only exist that will ensure a tight hold for extended wear. These types of hair system adhesives require the use of specialised preparation solutions (Scalp Protectors) before application and solvents for removal C22; S3 Sensitive Skin; Lace Release; Ghost Buster, Ultra Safe.

Despite the advanced application and removal products available, those with very sensitive skin or conditions like eczema or psoriasis may still experience dryness and irritation. Some people even have mild allergic reactions to the chemicals used in these products, which can impact the length of time they can wear their hair system with comfort.

Fortunately, these concerns have led to the development of excellent water-based hair system adhesives Safe Grip; Ghost Bond and Great White that are much gentler on the skin and offer many additional benefits. Water-based adhesives are generally easier to apply and remove and some offer a level of hold for periods of time comparable to solvent-based adhesives. They often require less preparation and can be removed with soap and water. This is ideal for those with extra-sensitive skin who want to reduce the amount of products they use on their scalps. A water-based adhesive will go on clear and is not stringy like the traditional solvent-based alternative, which makes for an attractive appearance that requires very little touch up.

However, even the strongest water-based adhesive will not last as long as a solvent-based. If you do not have sensitive skin or allergies and you need to wear your hair system for more than two months, the solvent-based adhesives could be a better choice.

Each hair system adhesive responds to weather and certain climates differently, so bear in mind your lifestyle to best understand the kind of adhesive that you need for optimum results. For example, swimmers and athletes may require a waterproof adhesive, as moisture may compromise the integrity of the hair system hold. Sun and humidity not only do damage to the hair system but also may affect the adhesive. Bacteria can be a major issue for hair system wearers, especially in high humidity and the scalp becomes sweaty. Look for adhesives with an anti-microbial formulation that will ensure you feel cool and comfortable, and consider scalp preparation products Scalp Scrub; No Sweat to help combat any bacterial issues.

If you prefer to use hair system tapes then you can find more information in our JUNE blog post.

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Hair System Knot Sealer Top-Loc Knot Sealer by Walker Tape

Image of Walker Tapes Top–Loc Knot Sealer for Hair Systems

Holistique recommends Top-Loc Hair System Knot Sealer from Walker Tape Co. as it is brilliant at reducing the shedding of hair that sometimes occurs on your lace front wig as it ages.

Use between applications and simply spray on the inside of mesh units to seal and protect the delicate knots. This will reduce shedding and extend the life of your hair system. Top-Loc Knot Sealer is an alcohol-based formula and is low odor so you can use indoors. Its also great to use to seal tape tabs.


(please note that this products labelling has updated since this video was made)


Maufacturer information

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Which hair tape is best for me?

Let’s Cut the Red Tape

One of the most frequently asked questions is “Which hair tape is best for me?” and the answer is as tricky to answer as “How long is a piece of string?”

It depends on a myriad of circumstances such as your lifestyle, how long you wear your hair system, climate, scalp condition and a raft of others in-between. However, the main criteria for choosing your hair tape is to decide the length of time you want to wear your hair system and this will determine whether you need a short, medium or extended wear tape.

If you choose to bond your hair system but remove it daily (or every 1-3 days) then you will want to choose a low-tack tape that is still secure but designed for short term use so you can safely remove it from your scalp without damaging the base. Hi Tack tape from Walker Tape is a great hypoallergenic tape that provides relief for sensitive scalps and is the lowest tack tape in the range and will provide a good bond for 1-5 days.

Extended wear tapes are designed to last approximately 1-4 weeks depending on the tape but the length of hold will depend on body chemistry, lifestyle and maintenance routine and so a 4+ week hold is not guaranteed in every case – typical hold times vary and are about 2-3 weeks on average. When considering an extended wear tape it is recommended that you take into consideration other factors such as:

Oily skin: if you have very oily skin, chances are that any tape will break down much faster. For example, a four-week tape might only last you three days! Some tapes might not necessarily be designed for oily skin, but are known to work well such as Ultra Hold and Supertape

Sensitive skin: if you know yourself to have sensitive scalp skin or are having a reaction to another adhesive, you may want to consider tapes which are manufactured to medical grade or hypoallergenic standards. Good examples of these tapes are Pro Flex and No Shine. This is in no way to be considered medical advice. If you have a skin reaction, please discontinue the product and contact a physician immediately.

Shine free: if you wear a light density hair system or you want to bond to a delicate lace base then choose a tape designed to have no or low shine such as No Shine or Lace Front Support (also known as Blue Liner)

Another consideration is what type of hair system you wear. It is highly recommended that you use Sensi-Tak directly on poly edges or traditional skin bases prior to attaching your extended-wear tape to your hair system base. Sensi-Tak (also known as Red Liner) tape is clear with a disposable red liner. It will securely adhere to the poly, but greatly diminish the amount of time and effort needed to clean the base since it doesnt break down like an extended-wear tape. Red liner tape will not compromise the length of your bond provided you use a second extended-wear tape on top of it to attach to your scalp.

Hair tapes come in various sizes, widths and strips. Contour tape strips are mostly commonly used at the front hairline or back of the hair system. Tapes also come in rolls that vary in both length and width. The rolls allow you to customize the area of your hair system that is taped – they also allow you to purchase a hairpiece tape that will fit the exact width of your polyurethane perimeter. Rolls of hairpiece tape normally sell in widths of 3/4″ and 1″ and in lengths of 3 yards or 12 yards so you will have plenty to work with before you run out and need to re-order.

No matter where you buy your toupee tape or what type or size you prefer to use, its important to know how to best apply and wear it, which we will look at in a future blog post.