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How Base Tape extends the life of a hair system

Walker Tape Base Tape Wig Hair System Repair Tape image
  • Reinforces a system’s base
  • Prevents wear and tear
  • Repairs minor issues on fragile systems

Walker Tape Base Tape has the basic needs of your system covered:

It Reinforces the base: Base Tape helps to reinforce your system base for the best results. And for Daily Wear, you can apply it where you want your double-sided tape to bond to the system.

Being single-sided, its non-sticky side provides you a great perimeter to use for bonding our double-sided tapes.

But, the main advantage to creating a perimeter with Base Tape is that:

It Prevents wear and tear: Using Base Tape helps extend the short lifespan of more fragile hair systems. These could be thin skin or mesh-based systems, both of which tend to be more delicate than other systems on the market. It sticks invisibly to these hair system types with its dull finish.

By using Base Tape as a perimeter, double-sided tapes bond with the Base Tape instead of directly to the hair system. This perimeter barrier helps prevent normal wear and tear. It also makes cleanup that much easier. With a reliable one-to-seven-day hold, it removes gently and cleanly for Daily Wear as it is one of the lower-residue tapes that we offer.

Not only does it reinforce the base and prevent wear and tear:

It Repairs minor issues: If your hair system has a small tear, you can use Base Tape as a temporary fix until the new hair system arrives. Since thin poly-based and mesh-based systems are more prone to tears, it can be a lifesaver!

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Product detail

Walker Tape Base Tape is a single-sided tape that is designed to extend the life of systems and be used to temporarily repair damaged hair system units.

When a system tears, there’s no need to throw it away! Base Tape is a single-sided tape that is designed to extend the life of systems. It’s made to be used exclusively on the system (not directly on skin) and helps mend the tears that come from everyday use.

Base Tape (1″ x 6 yds) is not designed to be the only adhesive used on a unit. It’s a single sided tape meant for use between the unit and another two-sided tape. This makes it possible to use stronger tape on a delicate unit.

It is semi-flexible, tears easily by hand, and has a dull finish. Can also be used to temporarily repair damaged hair system units.


  • Systems: All
  • Dullness: Dull (great for lace)
  • Residue: Low
  • Carrier: Stiff
  • Hold: 1-7 Days
  • Professional use only
  • Keep away from children
  • Test on small area before use
  • Do not apply to severely irritated skin

1-7 days depending on the temperature, humidity and body oils.


  • Rolls: 3yd x 1″

Manufacturer: Walker Tape


  • Apply to the hair system (careful to avoid touching adhesive)
  • Use where you intend to apply double-sided tape
  • Or apply to temporarily fix small tears