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Introducing Sunshine Tape USA

Sunshine Tape Products USA Logo

Holistique are pleased to introduce a new range of hair system products from Sunshine Products USA.

At Holistique we are constantly looking for new hair system products that we feel would benefit our hair system customers.

We chose to add Sunshine products to our range as they offer great quality products, that match the leading brands. They are well established and have a business ethos that matches our own.

We hope that customers, existing and new, will be as impressed with Sunshine products as much as we are.

Please browse the Sunshine hair system product range below, and do contact us if there are Sunshine products not listed so far that you would like to purchase.

Sunshine Tape USA …in their own words 

Since 1987, Sunshine Products has been making affordable and reliable products in the hair replacement industry all over the world. At every level of our business, we are committed to being reliable, direct and affordable. Most of all, we put our customers first.

Our products don’t need gimmicky names. Our products say what they do and do what they say. Sunshine Products is as reliable as the sun rising every morning. That’s our commitment.

Featured Sunshine Tape Hair System Products