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Hair System Care Shampoo and Conditioning

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Hair System Shampoo and Conditioning. Washing and conditioning your hair system is an important part of maintaining natural appearance, read our guide.

Shampoo your hair system properly and safely

Shampooing your hair system is an important part of maintaining a natural appearance. Unfortunately, it can be tough on the system. So here are a few things you can do to protect and maximise the life of your hair system.

Holistique recommends shampooing your hair system only 1-2 times per week

1. Work your way in

After wetting your hair and head, pour the shampoo into your hands first. Then start by lathering the shampoo into your natural hair. Only after you work the shampoo into your natural hair should you move toward and over top of your hair system.

2. Gently does it, pat softly but dont rub

With the shampoo covering your entire hair system try not to rub the shampoo in with your fingers, this could damage the unit. Instead use a gentle patting to spread around the shampoo. This will also help it get through to your scalp.

3. Rinse thoroughly

Once shampooed, rinsing thoroughly is very important. Avoid tangling, by rinsing your entire head from top down with water streaming in the same direction, reduce water strength and guide with your hands to keep all the hair facing the same direction as well.

Tips for using conditioner on your hair system:

  • Condition your hair system everyday
  • Work it into the hair (not your scalp or hair system base)
  • Use a rinse out conditioner while showering
  • Use a leave-in conditioner after showering

Dry and brittle hair can cause static and rapid hair loss from your expensive hair unit, Leave-In Conditioner used daily will condition and revitalise your hair and prevent tangling, without leaving the base of your hair piece oily or damaged.

All Hair System Shampoo and Conditioning products stocked by Holistique can be used on real hair too.

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Lace front hairline cleanup instructions

A lace front hair system provides a natural, undetectable appearance but it can also be tricky to maintain. Even if you shampoo your hair everyday, airborne dirt and dust can easily stick to the adhesive along the front hairline it is also commonly around the lace area where sweat, oils etc. are highest.

Below are some simple tips for keeping your lace front hairline clean and looking great.


Spray a generous amount 99% Isopropyl Alcohol onto a cotton wool make-up pad.


Gently pull back and hold the hair away from your hairline. Dab on the dampened cotton wool make-up pad, and begin to wipe away dirt or adhesive residues, in a downward direction away from your hair, this will help keep the front edge of your hair system securely attached to your scalp.

Make sure you do this very gently so not to damage your hair system.