Pro Hair Labs Remove-All Exfoliating Gel 8fl oz

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Professional Hair Labs Remove-All is an exfoliating gel designed to remove dead skin layers and promote a healthy and balanced scalp.

PHL Remove-All is a mildly abrasive exfoliate that ensures the scalp is left fresh and healthy to promote maximum hair system bonding time. Remove All has been formulated with hypo allergenic scrubbing beads instead of nut shells, for those who have allergies to nuts.

To completely rejuvenate and exfoliate a tired or uncared for scalp, Pro Hair Labs Remove-All is the perfect solution for a healthier head. This gentle yet effective exfoliating solution simply brushes away all traces of dead skin, leaving behind a glowingly healthy, well balanced scalp.

PHL chose not to use crushed nut shells in Remove-All, as this could cause reactions in people with any form of nut allergy. The scrubbing beads in the mixture are hypo-allergenic, and will not cause redness of discomfort in any situation.

The results are impressive, and as with all Pro Hair Labs products you can expect a safety first guarantee, giving you confidence that no toxic ingredients or otherwise harmful chemicals are present in our formula.

  • Removes Oil and Dead Skin Cells From Scalp
  • Promotes A Healthy Scalp and a Better Bonding Surface
  • Contains Hypo-Allergenic Scrubbing Beads
  • 8floz (236ml)

Directions for use:

1. Apply a small amount of Remove-All directly to the scalp.
2. Massage very gently for 20-60 seconds.
3. Rinse thoroughly for 2-3 minutes with warm water.

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