TrueTape Supertape Hair System Tape


Supertape by Truetape. Supertape extended wear bond, long lasting double sided hair system tape with up to 30 days hold and easy clean and removal.


Truetape Supertape extended wear bond, long lasting double sided hair system tape.

Supertape can provide up to 4+ week hold so is ideal for extended wear use. It does not break down easily so there is no nasty residue when removed. Any residual adhesive can be easily removed with adhesive remover.

This tape grabs with some real strength. Formulated to prevent meltdown – nothing can be easier to use or as clean and neat.

Base Material: Lace
Hold Time: 4+ Weeks
Liner Colour: White-Liner
Number of Pieces: 1 Roll
Shape: Roll
Dimensions: Various (3 yardx 3/4″, 12 yard x 3/4″, 3 yard x 1″and 12 yard x 1″)

Now in new design clam shell packaging.

Manufacturer: True Tape Inc. USA


Construction: Double-sided
Stretchy: Yes
Performance: Multi-Week Wear
Appearance: Clear with a doppled finish and a white liner
Profile: Thin
Adhesive: Acrylic
Uses: Front, Back and sides for Hair Enhancement
Medical Device: No
Hypoallergenic: No
Availability:  Rolls and Die-Cut Contours

SUPERTAPE quickly adheres to any base type and stretches with any skin movement naturally and completely without binding or bunching.  When removed, SUPERTAPE will leave very little stubborn adhesive residue.  Try SUPERTAPE today and see for yourself why it is the Hair Enhancement Industry’s most popular multi-week adhesive tape!

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