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NEW MaxHold Sport – Ultimate Scalp Preparation

Walker Tape Max Hold Sport™ Ultimate skin prep product image

Walker Tape Max Hold Sport Instant Hold 1.4oz Dab on Skin Prep happy couple imageTired of waiting 24 hours before you can get active or shower?

Is your tape or adhesive breaking-down during sport, heavy sweating, high heat or after swimming?

Then NEW MaxHold™ Sport Instant Hold from Walker Tape could be the answer. MaxHold™ Sport Instant Hold Skin Prep, is the ultimate skin prep product for hair systems and wigs.

No need to wait the usual 24 hours – just apply and get active or jump straight in the shower, and get longer bond times too.

  • Instant use – no need to wait 24 hours
  • Ideal for Sports – Football, Gym or Swimming
  • Great for heavy sweat sufferers and hot climate conditions
  • Ultimate skin preparation, before adding tape or glue
  • Extends the life of glue and tape
  • Convenient size 1.4 fl oz / 41 ml with dab on applicator

MaxHold Sport Instant hold will extend the life of any tape or glue we sell. It’s the ultimate skin prep product for hair systems and wigs.

Normally you would have to wait 24 hours after hair system attachment to shower or workout, but not with Walker Tape’s MaxHold™ Sport. You can get active right after install and have longer hold times than ever before!

Also great for those who suffer from heavy sweat and for use abroad in hot climate conditions.