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Product Spotlight: Lace Front Minis

Walker Tape Lace Front Mini's image

Holistique Hair System Products are excited to introduce to you the new packaging for Walker Tape Lace Front Minis.

Lace Front Minis combines one of Walker Tape’s most popular tapes with one of their most popular shapes. Lace Front Minis give the most natural look, maximum comfort, security and ease of use with a superb hold time of up to 4 weeks. Each tape measures just 80 x 20mm making them perfect to carry with you for touchups between hair system installs.

Here are a couple of answers to questions about hair system Lace Front Mini product:

What is Walker Tape Lace Front Tape?  

  • Lace Front Tape is made specifically for lace front hair systems
  • It is made with the dullest finish available and provides the most natural look
  • It can hold for up to 4 weeks

Why use minis over conventional contours?  

  • The smaller size allows you to place the tape exactly where it is needed on the unit
  • No more cutting down to size with sticky scissors
  • They are great for touchups in between hair system installs

Walker Tape Lace Front Minis Directions

In case you have never used Walker Tape mini shapes before, here are some quick directions on how to use them:

Peel the blue liner and tape together off of the white liner. Place this tab where desired on the hair system. Repeat as needed. When ready to apply to the scalp, peel off the remaining blue liner pieces. For easier application use Walker Just Right Positioning Spray.

New stock is arriving at Holistique before the end of August. View our range of Walker Tape Contours and Minis.

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