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Looking after your Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Guide image

One of the most important things to remember about hair extensions is that they are an investment.

If you’re not willing to spend the time or money necessary on getting and maintaining good quality extensions, you’re better off not getting them.

That said, when you or your clients get extensions installed it’s important to know the right ways to take care of them. That’s why we created our extension guide. This guide is printable so you can print it for yourself to keep wherever you get ready every day.

If you’re a stylist, you can also print it to give to your clients. As you know, clients who take care of their extensions are much easier and more fun to help than those who don’t understand how to care for them.

To download the PDF file and print or save, click here: Holistique Hair Extension Care Guide Printable

Holistique Hair Extensions Care Guide Printable image